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Interviews: [Audio Post] Question and Answer Session 4/10/2014

I decided to do a Q&A session for my Facebook Fans. (You should follow my Facebook page because I update it daily with unique content. It’s not me uploading a random motivational picture everyday like everyone else does.)

Charles Ngo’s Facebook Page

I went with an audio format because I want more practice with speaking on a mic. It’s a completely different skill set than talking to a person and I’d like to improve at it.

It only took 20 minutes to record since I did it in one take, and only 5 minutes to upload on Soundcloud. I love keeping things simple. Going forward I’d like to do more of these since articles can take me a few hours to write. Also some readers prefer the audio format.

I consider these to be “audio posts” rather than podcast. Technically they are the same thing, but the term podcast gives me the weird feeling of responsibility.

I have to make a fancy intro, get proper editing, find guests, record on a regular schedule, etc. With these audio posts I feel no pressure and can just record them whenever I want.

[Dropbox Download Link]

It’s 20 minutes where I covered 5 topics

  1. How to start with $500 in affiliate marketing
  2. 5 mistakes that stop intermediate affiliates from becoming Super Affiliates
  3. Tips on clean bulking
  4. Teams / VA’s / responsibilities
  5. What do I invest in, my future in the industry

Does anyone have any recommendations for SIMPLE audio transcription? I want to go through a service that makes it easy such as OneHourTranslation.

I’m doing another Q & A recording next week on Wednesday.

I’m trying to build up my email list this year, so the next one is only going to be released to be my email subscribers. If you’re not on the list, then sign up for free below.

Some of my best content this year will be available via email only by the way.


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