Imagine you could follow me around… Every Single Day…

You could see exactly what I do – what I read, listen to, eat, think about, work on etc.

You could see the exact thought processes and strategies I use to build profitable campaigns and grow my 7-figure businesses

That is what SnapChat allows you to do.


Throughout the day I upload short (10 second or less) videos to let you inside my private and business life.

SnapChat videos disappear after 24 hours, so you can get access to inside information that a lot of people won’t get the chance to see – and it’ll never be repeated.

What do I share?

  • Knowledge bombs on affiliate marketing
  • Strategic advice for living a more epic life
  • Motivation to keep you on hustling
  • Productivity tips and tricks to get more done
  • Business advice from my 9+ years of running 7-figure companies
  • What I eat and drink to boost my energy levels and stay productive all day
  • Examples of systems that save me countless hours and allow me to dominate in business and life
  • The “best of the best” – new gadgets, technology, food etc that I try
  • How I make decisions and deal with problems – two of the most important skillsets in business

Because these videos get automatically deleted every 24 hours, I feel comfortable giving away a LOT of info on SnapChat.

If you don’t have SnapChat – you’re missing out on insider knowledge from me.

How To Download SnapChat and Add Me

  1. Go to the App Store on Apple, or Google Play for Android and search for “SnapChat”img_0401


Or just click on one of these links below:

For Apple click here

For Android click here

2. Install the app and signup



Download the app from your app store of choice, then open it once it’s finished, and you’ll see the Welcome screen shown below.

  1. On the Welcome screen, tap ‘SIGN UP
  2. Tap the field that says ‘Email Address’ and enter a valid email address. It’s important to have a valid email address associated with your account. If you forget your password, your email address can be used to reset it.
  3. Tap the field that says ‘Password’ and enter a secure password. Your password must be at least 8 characters.
  4. Password Tip: Try to avoid using your name, Username, mobile number, birthday or any other personal information in your new password. It’s best to include a mix of numbers, symbols, and/or capitals and lowercase letters in your password.
  5. Choosing your username. Your username is your identity on Snapchat. For example, mine is charles_ngo. Make it something unique to you. You cannot change your username once you have set it. If you choose to delete your account, your username will no longer be available.
  6. Verifying your mobile number. This step is optional, and can be done at any time. However, if you ever forget your password, but have verified your mobile number, we can send a password reset via SMS!
  7. Lastly, it’s time to prove you’re not a robot. Once you’ve completed this step you’re ready to get snapping and get insider access to my videos!


3. After you login

A. Click the SnapChat icon on the Homescreen (1)

B.  Add Friends on the Profile Page (2)


Shortcut Tip:

You can take a picture/screenshot of my SnapChat image (the image below), and then once you are in the “Add Friends” section, click on “Add by Snapcode”.


This will take you to your camera roll where you select my SnapChat image. Select the image you just took of me, then it will automatically add me.

If you can’t get the above method to work, continue below:

  1. Click “Add by Username”


  1. Search for “charles_ngo”


Click the purple button beside my name that says +Add

Once you do this, you’ll see it change to the way it looks in the image below

  1. When you are back on the SnapChat Home screen (the screen with the camera)…
  • Swipe to the left and you will reach your “Stories” screen – this is mainly advertising.
  • Scroll down to see stories from your friends, including me. This is where the videos I upload will be each day


  • Press on my name and the video/picture roll will startpressoncharles
  • Multiple times each day I upload videos, so check it at least once a day to get the most out of it.

Let me know if you enjoy my daily Snapchats!