STM Forum Review – The Best Community for Affiliate Marketers [2021]

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

The STM Forum is one of the best places to find “inside” information on what’s working in affiliate marketing.
Maybe I’ve inspired you to become an affiliate marketer, but now you’re looking for more detailed information such as case studies and guides.
I don’t recommend too many products out there, but there is one that I’ve been a fan of the past few years. Today I’m going to do my long awaited review of the private forums.
Note: All the links to STM in this post are affiliate links where I’ll earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). I have kept my review as honest as possible.

What’s the Point of a Private Forum?

I’m sure everyone knows what a forum is. You sign up and start talking with like-minded people online. Now there are some free affiliate marketer forums out there, but STM is considered a private forum (there’s a monthly fee)
If there are free affiliate marketing forums out there, why would you ever pay for one? 
Because quality costs money. A lot of the information on free affiliate marketing forums are horribly outdated or written by unqualified people. It’s like the blind leading the blind off a cliff into a pile of shitty warrior special offers. You’d lose more money and time with bad information.
Private forums increase the barriers to entry so you know everyone here is serious about making some money.
The money incentivizes the owners/employees to share information they normally wouldn’t in a public setting. Veterans such as myself post to help others, network, or to increase our visibility in the community. What you get is a community of people who all mean business.

What is the STM Forum?

Here’s what STM Forum (Formerly StackThatMoney) is in their own words

“STM is the world’s largest premium affiliate marketing forum; the home of REAL Affiliate Marketers.
Our team generates $XX,XXX,XXX in affiliate revenue every year. We have over 27 years of extensive marketing experience. We practice what we preach… and STM is Our Private HQ.
With over 335,000 posts, guides, follow alongs, and case studies, STM provides the perfect platform for those who want to take their affiliate marketing career to the next level. STM is the first choice resource for experienced “super” affiliates to network and learn from.
On top of that STM are well known for their mega meet ups around the world, from Amsterdam, to Bangkok, to Las Vegas, to Melbourne, the list goes on. The STM community is one the most tightly knit high level communities you will ever join.”

STM came onto the scene roughly 7’ish years ago and has been a staple in the affiliate industry ever since. It was started by 3 highly successful affiliates: Mr Green, Stackman, and Besmir.
The forum features:

  • Detailed discussion of traffic sources such as Mobile, Native Ads, Facebook, Adwords, PPV, Adult, and more
  • Access to live events (they always throw a private party at the big conferences, and host an annual meetup)
  • A follow-along section where you can get feedback on your campaigns.
  • A buy/sell section where you can get discounts on tools/software
  • A “Life” section where people share advice on traveling, finances, fitness, and life.
  • The people here are friendly. You’re not going to get called a filthy peasant for asking a beginner’s question. Having trouble getting your pixels to fire? Someone will answer if you ask.
  • There are tons of underground super affiliates that post here. 

Are people making money from their STM memberships?

Here Are Some of the Success Stories From STM

There’s a section here where affiliates give credit to STM for their success.
Most of them are really inspiring to give you that extra confidence boost.
STM 2018 Success Stories

2 Steps for Affiliate Success

Step 1. Read
Step 2. Signup for

STM is Newbie Friendly

StackThatMoney has an area designed especially for newbies. See that question and answer section? You can ask all the newbie questions you want and people will help you. 
StackThatMoney Newbie Zone

Standout Posts

Here are some standout posts from the forum recently. You can see that there’s a big emphasis here on case studies, and showing the technical aspects of campaigns.
“Today: Two FB Accounts – Tier 1 – Pin Submit – 500% ROI” – a 500% ROI running Sweepstakes on Facebook!

“$846,365 in 9 months with ecom” – Over $800k with 3 Different Ecom Niche Stores

“After giving up on AM we just made $1MM of Profit in 53 days!” – An inspiring thread with 7 important lessons for anyone, even seasoned affiliates.

“REPORT: What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing in 2018” – A Great Report compiled by the entire team on what’s working for different traffic sources. If you don’t know which verticals to start off with, read this report.

“CHEATSHEET: DOs and DON’Ts of Optimisation” – A great checklist by Hugh Hancock when you are optimizing your campaigns to profits.

“# The Ultimate Facebook Newbie Tutorial 2018” – A detailed guide on starting Facebook with 10 different sections

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Tips on Getting the Most Out of StackThatMoney

STM is one of those places where “you get what you put in.” Here’s some ways to get the most out of your membership.

  1. BE INTERACTIVE. Here’s what I love about STM: There’s no such thing as a stupid question here. Start threads, ask questions.
  2. Not all posters are created equal. The place is a forum so there are good posts along with bad ones. I recommend scouting out who the good posters are, and looking through their post history. A decent indicator is their thanks / posts ratio. You can also start with the owners, moderators, and thought leaders.
  3. Be careful of information overload. I’d focus on learning ONE aspect of a campaign at a time. For example, this week you can spend your time on improving landing pages. Create a master list of landing pages tips and go through them.
  4. Post a Follow Along. Veteran members will chip in and give you some advice.
  5. Join a Mastermind. I’m always seeing Skype masterminds pop up in each forum.
  6. NETWORK. There are a lot of smart people on this forum who are kinda low key. Reach out to them for advice.
  7. Make sure you say hi in the introduction section. Mention you came from my blog and I’ll keep an eye out for your threads / questions.

How I’ve Benefit from STM Over the Years

Whats cool about STM is that it’s not just for newbies. Here are some ways that I’ve benefited from the forum over the years:

  1. Networking. I met one of my best friends, Ben Yong, directly from the forum. I’ve masterminded with tons of great people that I discovered off the forum.
  2. Interested in building a brand in affiliate marketing? The forum has been a consistent driver of referral traffic to my blog.
  3. I’ve gotten plenty of ideas / angles from the forums. My first 6-figure mobile campaigns came from an idea I saw off the Angry Russian’s mobile guide 2-3 years ago.
  4. I have done joint ventures on campaigns, and I even hired an employee I met from STM.
  5. I am not a technical guy at all. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve done STM searches to help me out with some technical errors I’ve had before.

How STM Could Improve

There are some small ways I feel STM could improve.
I loved the follow along contests they had in the past. Newbies were encouraged to launch and document their new campaigns. The forum would vote and pick the best 3. It added an element of excitement to the forum and made tons of people take action who wouldn’t have otherwise.
STM was well known for their tools before such as a mobile tracker, adult ad spyer, etc. I feel the tools development has slowed down a bit and would love to see it become a focus again.
Update: Over the years, STM have improved their tools and even acquired one of the best self-hosted tracker: FunnelFlux. Check out STM’s AffJobs if you need to hire someone with AM background.


The cost of the forum is $99 / month. If you’re an experienced affiliate then it’s 100% worth it to join. All it takes is ONE little tip to make it worth your money.
But what if you’re a newbie with a smaller budget. $99 could be a lot of money to you (Trust me I get it, I didn’t have much money either when I first started.)
As a beginner your priority should be a good tracking platform, solid hosting, and some money for testing accounts. Once you got that down then it makes sense to try out STM.
A smart person can learn from the experience of others. A membership here could help you avoid mistakes that cost you even more money and time.
It boils down to this…a membership at STM is a competitive advantage for a new affiliate marketer. If you don’t join STM, then you it’s going to be harder for you to compete. You’re boxing against other affiliates with one arm behind your back.
I’ve always believed in investing in education, and $99 is not a lot of money compared to what you get in return.
If I was starting over as a newbie today, I would recommend STM to myself.

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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