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News and Events: DETAILS: StackThatMoney London – The MUST Attend Event of the Year

Just when I thought it was out…they pull me back in!

I’m suppose to be on my blogging break but I have to talk about the STM meetup in London.

Everyone knows Affiliate Summit West is the must attend event each year, but you could make an argument that the annual STM meetup is just as important.

The previous STM meetups were in Amsterdam and Bangkok. This time it’s held in London, United Kingdom. It probably won’t be as “crazy” as the previous ones, but there’s a lot more focus on learning, networking, and making money.

I’ve never been to an STM meetup before due to scheduling conflicts. But this time my flight and hotels are booked and I’m ready to go! This is also the last time I’ll be speaking in public in 2015!

Why You Should go to STM London

Lectures by the best in the business.

STM has enlisted around 20 speakers, and they’re all giving speeches for 15 minutes. Think of it like TED Talks for affiliate marketers. 15 minutes means no fluff, and straight up k-bombs.

Speakers include:

    • The Big 3: Mr Green, Stackman, and Besmir
    • The STM Thought Leaders: The Legendary Charles Ngo, The Malaysian Mobile Monster Benjamin Yong, The Angry Russian Alex Tsatkin, and Travel Hacking Master Tim Tetra
    • Many more: Robert of Voluum, Scito, Jim Stark, etc.

Valuable Networking

You’re going to get to hang out with hundreds of like-minded affiliates. Everyone is like you, running paid traffic. Unlike other conferences, you’re not going to bump into mommy bloggers and shit.

Also this is a great chance to have a real conversation with Super Affiliates and other people you see on the forums. My schedule was packed during ASW and I couldn’t hold a decent conversation with anyone. At STM London I have zero objectives or plans. I’m just there to hang out and meet guys like you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I go if I’m a newbie?


Even if you’ve never launched a campaign it’s worth going to. You might make that connection, or get that golden nugget from a speech that you need.

I think some newbies are intimidated by conferences because they don’t have much to share. Guys, no one cares and no one’s judging you by how much you make. Just be cool and have fun.

Do I Have to be a Member of StackThatMoney?


All day 1 events are free to everyone.

But Day 2 and Day 3 is for STM members only. There are going to be hundreds of people at this meet up, and having this barrier is to ensure it doesn’t get too crowded.

Guys, it’s just $99 bucks. Not only do you get access to the entire event, but you get to check out the STM forums if you haven’t already.

Sign up for StackThatMoney

Where Should I Stay?

There’s an official hotel but there’s only a few rooms left.

Club Quarters Trafalgar

How to book a hotel with the iStack Promo code – You’ll get a significant discount on hotel price smile emoticon

1. Go to http://clubquarters.com
2. Click “Club Quarters Member Log-In” on top right navigation
3. Then type in “istack” into the member ID/search box
4. Click “Book Now” on top navigation
5. Type in London, Trafalgar
6. Choose dates
7. Book

The event is being held in http://www.london.gov.uk/priorities/arts-culture/trafalgar-square so you should grab something near there.

The hotels in London are expensive and tiny. I recommend checking out what’s at AIRBNB. I booked an airbnb within walking distance of the meetup.

Another idea is to find someone to share a place with and split the costs. Make a post on STM. My first conference ever was at ASE 2008 and I shared a room with Ian Fernando who’s still my homie to this day.


A lot of great events. The best part is there’s plenty of “downtime” for everyone to just relax, do some work, or hang out.

STM London Schedule


This is the must attend event of the year!

Thanks to STM for planning this out (Green, Stackman, Jaime, etc.)