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News and Events: StackThatMoney.com London Conference Recap

Here’s my recap of the StackThatMoney London conference a few weeks ago. I’m sorry that I’m late with this post, but I wanted to wait for their professional pictures to be released before sharing.

This was my first time going to a STM conference. Their previous ones were in Amsterdam and in Bangkok, and I couldn’t make it to those. But I went to this conference and was blown away by how many people showed up (over 600+)

I flew in a few days early to London. I mentioned earlier this year I’m getting more into the travel hacking game. Tim Tetra shared a nice tip that got me a 1st class flight to London on British Airways.

American Express was having a 40% bonus transfer to British Airways Avios in January so I was able to grab a 1st class seat much cheaper than normal. The best part is you can also tap into their network and book flights on other airlines. I transferred a million points and will be using them to book Cathay Pacific flights from USA -> Asia.


I think it was 60,000 points + $400 in fuel surcharges for a 1 way ticket. I didn’t realize how short USA -> London was from the east coast. (6 and a half hours). It would’ve been better for me to just fly coach and use the points for one of my 20+ hour flights to Asia.

My assistant booked an AirBNB for me since London hotel rooms are tiny. I arrived at a night apartment and an older British lady showed me around the apartment. I felt a disturbance in the force when I noticed she was still hanging around 30 minutes later.

I checked my AirBNB reservation and the place I booked was a shared apartment rather than a private apartment. So yes, for 4 days I was roommates with a British Granny. It’s pretty funny and wasn’t that bad. She was barely in the house the whole time. But yea I’ll make sure to grab the entire apartment to myself next time.

Day 1

There was a private lunch for the speakers at Hakkasan.


There was no agenda for the meeting. Just a bunch of cool guys eating and hanging out.

After the meeting was over, everyone was presented with a huge box.

Turns out to be some speakers. I love the gift, but it was difficult to fit in my suitcase.

At night were the speeches.

I believe around 10 people spoke on Day 1 including FBQueen, The Angry Russian, Tim Tetra and I.


Here’s what it looks like when you’re up on stage.

I had zero nervousness when I was up on stage. This was my 6th time speaking in under a year. I practiced this speech 20 times in my room.


The speech was called “$5,000 a Day Profit /w a $5 an Hour Virtual Assistant”

It covered some of my struggles 4 years ago, and how I overcame them by developing systems. I’m proud of the speech because I was able to show some of my personality on stage, rather than being nervous and hoping it would end.

There were close to 20 speakers but I noticed there were some big themes in common.

1. Don’t do this alone – the biggest affiliate marketers are teams, not individuals.

2. Think beyond simply capturing the lead. There are other models to considering including going for the sale, email marketing, rev share, etc.

3. Leverage Your Affiliate Marketing Skills into Something Bigger. One speaker bought a mansion and used his affiliate marketing skills to promote it as a Holiday Destination. Another speaker developed an iPhone game that ended up being #1 in over 12 countries (was #3 in USA). There were examples of how certain companies that are worth $100+ million, are actually just affiliate marketing companies.

At night was the AppFlood party.


Day 2.

It started with with a Brunch hosted at Voluum. I stayed at home to catch up on some work instead of attending.

At night were Day 2 of the Speeches.

There were quite a few memorable ones such as CMdeal’s.

This is the first year they came out with the STM awards. A few weeks before the conference they had members of the forum vote for their favorite success story, follow along, and more. The winners were presented with some gifts on stage.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me as the best affiliate marketing blog.

Photo on 4-4-15 at 4.07 PM #2

Yea I’m on a break from blogging right now, but I’ve worked hard the past few years to deliver value to everyone. Thanks for showing me some love!

They gave me a great looking trophy I’ll put on my desk, a gold Ipad Air, and the Bose q20i headphones for winning an STM award. They also gave me some Harmon Kardon speakers for being a speaker (aka the suitcase killer) IMG_1629 IMG_1660

Day 3

I skipped Day 3 to do some work.

There was Paintball in the daytime, and a final party at night.

Friendly Feedback

The conferences was a lot better than I expected. Hats off to the team behind STM, Carumen, Jaime, CMDeal, and everyone else that put work into that event. People underestimate the amount of work that goes into an event of this level.

Here’s some friendly feedback since I know they want to keep improving it each year.

  1. I think two days is better than three for a conference of this type.
  2. The timing was tight at night, and there wasn’t enough time for a proper dinner (we destroyed the Chicken Skewers at the AppFlood party). I think starting the speeches slightly earlier, and giving us a 1 hour break for dinner would be great.
  3. Some of the afterparties were quite far from the speaking venue. I think I’ve been spoiled by how close everything is in the Las Vegas Strip. Some buses from the speech venues to the after parties would make logistics better.

There’s always a big question of where should the next StackThatMoney conference be?

Last year I voted for Brazil, and I’m also interested in seeing Bali, Indonesia as a candidate (in a decade…cities will start making bids to host STM like the Olympics). The reasons are obvious – I want to mix business and a cool destination. But after talking to many STM’ers in London, I’ve changed my mind.

I met so many people who told me they were happy it was in London because they wouldn’t have been able to afford to go otherwise. Maybe they are newer and don’t have the funds to travel to some exotic destination, but because they were based in Europe it was easy to fly in.

I think it’s better to have the conference in a city that’s more accessible so everyone has the opportunity to attend. I can fund my own vacations, and I rather have the chance to connect with more affiliates.


I should be going to the StackThatMoney conferences each year from now on. The biggest benefit is being able to network with other affiliate marketers in a zero pressure environment. You can sit back and talk to other affiliates without the pressure of being pitched, or the pressure of having meetings to go to.

Didn’t go to STM London? The good news is that the speeches were recorded and will be uploaded to the STM forums within a few weeks. Watching the replays alone is worth the $99 investment.

Link to STM Pictures

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