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Interviews: Video Interview With Thanh Pham (Co-Founder of AsianEfficiency.com)

Here’s a 40 minute interview with my friend Thanh Pham (Co-founder of AsianEfficiency).

He came to visit me in Miami the past few days and we thought you guys would love some productivity content.

It’s long but it’s DEFINITELY worth watching. Some of the information we share took us years to figure out, and you can absorb it in less than an hour.

The questions came from my readers the other day (Follow me on my Facebook Page)

A LOT of what I know about productivity came from my relationship with Thanh and Aaron. And in return, they’re always picking my brain on marketing. Learn more about Asian Efficiency here.

Want to become more successful? Look around your circle. Are they all A-players?

What was your favorite tip in the video? Let me know in the comments.