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Affiliate Marketing: The #1 Mistake New Affiliates Make in the Adult Dating Niche

Adult Affiliate Dating.

Easily the most buzzed about niche for the past 2 years. Why is it so popular? It’s the sheer number of volume, offers, and countries available. It’s one of those immortal niches that’s going to be around for a long, long time.

Even though the niche isn’t as easy as it once was due to competition, there’s still money to be made. I’ve helped a few people break into adult dating and I’ve noticed they all make the same mistake. I’m going to share some insights and hopefully it can be the breakthrough you guys need.

Breakdown of the Countries

There’s over 25+ countries at least that you can make money from. I’ve grouped some of them into tiers with explanations below.

Tier 1

USA, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany

These countries are the cream of the crop because they have the highest volume, and the most offers available. The downside? They are extremely competitive. Not only because of the amount of people promoting to those countries, but it also gets the most time / attention from the top affiliates (80/20 rule)

Tier 2

Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Canada

A nice selection of offers, lower volume than Tier 1, but you can make a few hundred to a few thousand profit a day on each one.

Tier 3

India, Mexico, Turkey, South Africa, Russia, Argentina, Colombia, etc.

These countries can be profitable and lower competition, but the volume is much lower and there’s not a huge selection of offers.

Strategies for Picking Countries

The mistake that most newbies make is they start adult dating by focusing only on Tier 1 countries. Why? Most guys are more comfortable with promoting in English countries.

Two Real-life Examples I’ve seen: 

Affiliate A: Starts adult dating and decides he wants to try out United States and United Kingdom on Traffic Junky / Exoclick. Due to his lack of experience and the level of competition, he’s down $1,500 before he decides to quit adult dating for good. Now he’s on to the next niche.

Affiliate B: Decides to pick a smaller country in the Tier 2 bracket (Norway I think). Starts running it and eventually makes $100 a day. He gains valuable experience split-testing, and starts to see what kind of creatives work. He expands to some other traffic sources and hits $400 profit a day.

Now he takes his skills and is able to scale into other countries, and eventually becomes a $3k profit a day affiliate.

You’re not going to outbid the top affiliates: they have more experience, their campaigns are optimized, and they are probably going direct with the advertisers or at least have the maximum payouts. These are just affiliates by the way. You’re also going to compete with paid porn sites, the advertisers internal team, and maybe even against the traffic source’s internal team.

What should you do instead? Focus on the Tier 2 countries I listed above.

I always hear this complaint, “but there’s not as much volume there.

Seriously? If you haven’t made $100 profit a day yet, why are you concerned about “volume”? You need to crawl before you ball.

Each of the Tier 2 countries can do at least $1,000 profit a day. The difference is the competition is much less. The top guys have limited time and energy and they’re more focused on the bigger countries.

Pick a Tier 2 country and master it. Learn what ads are working, and what kind of landing pages work. After you’re making profit then try to scale it to other traffic sources and countries.

Tips on Going International

  • Use flags in your ads and landing pages. People in foreign countries see un-targeted ads and offers all the time. If someone is in Russia and the ad has a Russian flag, it lets them know the ad is for them.


Adding the local flag will increase click-through rates and conversions

  • Use proper translation (I use OneHourTranslation because of its simplicity, but Fiverr can be good if you’re on a budget).Protip: Don’t trust the landing pages of others. I’ve seen some landing pages out there with shitty translations using google. Remember that 95% of affiliates are lazy. Get the translations by a native speaker to make sure it makes sense before you use it.
  • If ad works in one country, doesn’t mean it’ll work in others with the proper translations. For instance a hot blonde chick might work in Germany, but the same image wouldn’t work in Spain. When expanding to a new country, I like think of it as you’re starting over, but you have a huge head start.
  • Host your images with a CDN for faster load speeds. I personally use Rackspace. 

Traffic Sources

I always recommend starting off with self-serve traffic on the web. Some good traffic sources to get you guys started

Affiliate Networks

Need some affiliate network recommendations for Adult? Check these guys out.

It’s very easy to go direct with a lot of these dating advertisers by the way. Get it profitable through affiliate networks first, and then see if going direct is viable.

Anyways I hope this helps out. Comment + share if you want more posts on adult dating.