Takeaways From a Week at Tony Robbin’s $10,000 Business Mastery

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

I just came back from an intense 5 day seminar with Tony Robbins in Las Vegas. Yes it was by THE motivational guru and public speaker but the program I went to was Tony Robbins Business Mastery. It’s an immersive program where you’re in a room of 1,000+ business owners learning how to take your business to the next level. (Not just your public speaker but the program I went to was Tony Robbins Business Mastery. It’s an immersive program where you’re in a room of 1,000+ business owners learning how to take your business to the next level. (Not just your affiliate marketing business)
I had my reservations about attending this program but I went for two reasons:
1. I have 5 different friends who attended this program before and they LOVED it. These are intelligent people and I respect their opinion.
2. Tony Robbins is quite the businessman. He is worth around $480 million dollars and owns 20+ different companies including a 5-start resort in Fuji, nutritional company TwinLabs, and much more.
Him being well-connected is an understatement. He has insights he learned from top businessmen in the world such as Ray Dalio (Owner of largest hedgefund in the world), Richard Branson (Virgin) , Marc Benioff (CEO of Salesforce), Steve Wynn (casinos), and much more.
I attended the seminar because learning is a key competitive advantage. I don’t have time to make all the mistakes in the world, and a smart person can learn from the experiences of others. I’ve read hundreds of books and I find in-person seminars to be so much more useful.
Yes it was expensive. But a common mistake is to look at just the price of an item. I like to think about the value. If I pay $10,000 and I end up making $100,000+ with the knowledge, would that be worth. My favorite use of money is investing in my education.
There’s not really a book or a course I can take for me to improve my affiliate marketing skills. The best way I improve is to learn from experts in other industries, and apply it to affiliate marketing.
For instance no one really talked about “systems” in affiliate marketing as much until I started writing about it. I learned this from studying Toyota’s methodologies and applied it to my campaigns.
First of all, I missed around 50% of the presentation due to illness. All the traveling and speaking caught up to me and I was out some of the presentation. I just want to make it clear that these takeaways are from the sessions I attended, and this post does not do Tony’s event justice. But I wanted to share some key takeaways with you players since you’re my family. Lets get to it.

The 7 Forces of Business Mastery

Business can be overwhelming. You’re always dealing with the day to day issues that arise and it’s tough to make any progress. Tony breaks business down into 7 categories you should focus on:

  • Strategic Innovation – My favorite part. As a business you have to always keep thinking of ways to keep adding value to your clients.
  • Creating an Effective Business Map – Knowing what business you’re in and what business you need to be in.
  • World Class Marketing – Finding more clients, and finding the RIGHT kind of clients.
  • Creating Raving Fans – Raving fans is how Apple has customers lined up for iPhones a week before they’re out. Raving fans are your warriors who spread the message on your company. How do you cultivate them? The key is to go above and beyond what they expect.
  • Sales Mastery Systems – Sales is the life force of any business. 
  • Financial and Legal Analysis – Knowing your numbers. I love the section on legal analysis. If you don’t protect yourself legally, you could end up losing everything and more in a lawsuit.
  • Optimizing Your People and Processes – Kaizen. Making little and daily improvements to your systems. KPI’s and measuring numbers is a key part of this

What the 7 forces are according to Tony.
What he recommends is to have a 90 minute session on ONE of these topics each week. For instance my team just had a 90 minute session on how to improve our sales funnel. Next week we’ll have a 90 minute session on our marketing.
This is important. Most business are stuck in the “whirlwind” of just keeping up with the day to day. These meetings put you into a THINKING mode rather than just running in a hamster wheel.

State in Business

The biggest takeaway I got is how important the concept of State is to business. State is how you’re feeling at any given moment. Even if you’re not in the mood to work, it’s possible to change how you feel at any given moment.
There were moments where I was falling asleep during the seminar due to being sick. He’d play some music, we’d go around doing different exercises, and minutes later I feel like conquering the world. I do state activities when I’m about to go on stage to speak or when I’m about to go to a club. But I’m going to start getting into “state” before each work session.
How can you get into state? Here’s my 3 tips

  1. Physiology – Try walking around for a minute with your head down and your shoulders slouched. How do you feel? Probably like shit. Now walk around with your head straight and chest out.
  2. Focus – What are you thinking about? Instead of thinking about going to bed or how tired you are, visualize your goals. Think about how good it would feel 6 months from now to have what you want.
  3. Music – Nothing like a good song or some videos to get you pumped up!

He’s written a ton of books that are great at motivating you, but my favorites are his finance/money books.

  • [easyazon_link identifier=”1501164589″ locale=”US” tag=”affc06-20″]Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook[/easyazon_link]
  • [easyazon_link identifier=”1476757860″ locale=”US” tag=”affc06-20″]MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom[/easyazon_link]

The Team

There was quite a bit of discussion on managing employees. One of the biggest takeaways I got from this is you need to help shape the belief systems of your team. My confidence and belief system is strong.
You have to realize that your employees have just as much riding on the line as you. Their livelihood depends on you and your decisions. In order for them to perform their best, they have to believe in both you and the company.

Learning From Other Speakers

Tony had quite a few guest speakers present. My favorite by far was Jay Abraham. The guy knows business and anything I write just can’t do justice to what he talked about. Here’s his strategy of pre-eminence you can read.
Keith Cunningham did a 3-hour presentation on business finances. Most business owners just look at the profits and call it a day. He taught us how to read balance sheets and how to really dig into the numbers. I wrote an article the other week on the importance of finances, but I’m inspired to take things to the next level. I’ve enrolled in a few online business finance and accounting courses to take my numbers game to the next level.
Tony Hsieh ended up being a total disappointment. I respect what he has accomplished, but damn that speech sucked. It was one hour where he talked about how Zappos is revitalizing Downtown Las Vegas. The topic just seemed more relevant for a Ted talk than to this audience who wanted to learn about business.
Tony Robbins shared a great story about Richard Branson. One of his rules in business is to “protect the downside” which means to minimize risk as much as possible. Knowing about risk management vs risk avoidance is vital in affiliate marketing.  The biggest risk Richard had in starting Virgin airlines is the cost of the airplanes. If the business failed, he didn’t want to be on the hook for millions of dollars in airplanes. He negotiated with them so that if the airline goes out of business, the manufacturers (Boeing or Aerobus) would buy the planes back.

Was it Worth it?

This course is not for everyone.
I think 10% of the audience didn’t even have a business and 5-figures is a huge investment for someone that early in the stage. There wasn’t too much information directly applicable if you’re strictly an affiliate marketer.
Next is there’s a ton of high level theory. He’s going to make you sit down and answer different questions. You have take the concepts and make it applicable to you. There’s no one there to hold your hand throughout the process.
I definitely got my money’s worth from taking this! Anyways there’s no referral links or anything. Just here to pass along some knowledge.
Do you have any takeaways from reading this post? Share in the comments below!
P.S I’ve read most of Tony’s books, but there are a lot more books that I’d recommend if you’re wanting to hit the next level of wealth, health and success.
I’ve made up a PDF of my absolute best 50 books I’ve ever read. It’s categorized into Business, Biographies, Copywriting, Human Behaviour, Learning, Marketing, Networking, Productivity etc.
Grab the PDF below and let me know what you think, or if I’ve missed any books you think should be on the list.

My Top 50 Books From The Last 9 Years of Reading (I average 90 books per year)

Grab My Reading List of Books I Like Better Than Tony Robbins’ > > >

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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