Welcome to my special report on the best affiliate marketing tools.

I’ve spent valuable time and money over the past few years trying to figure out what the best tools are. I’ve done the homework for you and these are the exact tools I use to generate massive $xx,xxx a day campaigns.

– Charles Ngo

Last Updated: Jan 2017

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Contents

  1. Spying on the Competition
  2. Tracking Your Campaigns
  3. Speeding up Your Landing Pages
  4. Is Your Data Statistically Significant?
  5. Monitoring Your Servers
  6. Finding Virtual Assistants
  7. The Best Webhosting
  8. My Computer Gear
  9. Monetizing Using Email Lists
  10. What Do Your Landing Pages Look Like in Different Browsers?
  11. Recommended Affiliate Networks
  12. What’s Next?

1. Spying on the Competition

Competitive intelligence is important in any industry. Apple knows exactly what their competitors are up to and you should have the same mentality with other affiliates.

If you’re a newbie in this industry then modeling is a great way to learn how to run campaigns. Modeling means to learn from observing others.

If an affiliate marketer is running an ad for long periods of time then more than likely he’s making money. He has already figured out ads, angles, landing pages, and offers that work. Observing him is a shortcut to success.

I’m not telling you that ripping someone else’s creatives and landing pages is a magic bullet to success. But watching others is a great way to learn and get inspiration for your own campaigns.

Why Use Spy Tools?

You could check out competitor ads yourself easily. Just go to a website that affiliates advertise on and refresh the page.

You also need to get a VPN like Buffered to see offers in different verticals.

Spy tools just make the process faster and easier since they scrape the ads for you. Another consideration is spying on places such as Facebook can be time-consuming because you have to create the profiles, and be able to keep the accounts separated to not get banned.

Recommended Tools:

Here are the main tools I use for competitive spying.

Adplexity – The gold standard in the industry at the moment (2017)

adplexity review

AdSector – WhichAdsWork went down on Nov 2017, this is the next best alternative for Facebook / Ecom Ads

adsector review

WhatRunsWhere – Ad good tool for spying on media buys / display (not good for mobile/native)whatrunswhere

2. Tracking Your Campaigns

I don’t ever launch a campaign without a tracker installed.

Running a campaign without tracking is like driving in complete darkness.

What does a tracker do?

  • It tells you which variables are profitable
  • Keeps statistics on time of day.
  • Easily split-test landing pages and offers

The tracker that I’m currently using as of Jan 2017 is Voluum.com. This is what I use, and this is what other super affiliates use. If you’re not using Voluum, then you are at a competitive disadvantage.

I’ve put together a guide that will help you set up a campaign with Voluum.com

3. Speeding Up Your Landing Pages

Fast load times are critical if you want to make money .

Not everyone’s on a fast computer with a fast internet connection. What if your customers are in Brazil with slow computers and slow speeds? If your landing page takes 5 seconds to load, they’re hitting the back button and you just lost a click you paid for.

My favorite tool to help me speed up a website is GTMetrix.

I’ve also been testing Google’s own tool for analyzing page speed.

My personal suggestions on increasing the speed of a website:

  1. Put all the images on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) such as Rackspace
  2. Optimize the size of all the images by making it smaller. I keep it simple by exporting the images out of Photoshop and lowering the quality. You can use a tool such Smushit!
  3. Use GZIP compression
  4. Decrease the size of the landing page. Make sure the page is coded efficiently.
  5. Get a faster server.gtmetrix affiliate marketing tools for speed test

4. Is Your Data Statistically Significant?

Statistical significance means that your data is “correct.”

An easy example is if you flip a quarter 5 times and it lands on heads each time, it would be incorrect to assume it will land on heads 100%. We both know if you flipped it 1,000 times, then it will even out to 50%.

That’s what statistical significance means. Once you collect data on your ads and landing pages, you need to calculate to see if the results are real.

Relevant Article: Testing for Statistical Significance


Split Tester

5. Monitor Your Websites

You could have the best server in the world, but chances are it’ll go down at one point. There could be server maintenances, DSos attacks, too much traffic for the server to handle, or forgetting to pay the bill could cause service to be interrupted. This could cost you money. Lots of money. A few hours of downtime could mean you lose thousands of dollars without you noticing.

We can prevent websites from going down randomly, but next best thing is we can be notified as soon as a tracker or a landing page is down.

A few weeks ago I received a text message that one of my servers was down. I was at a party and because of the text message, I was able to log into the traffic source affect and pause the account until I went home. What if I never received the text? Most likely I wouldn’t have noticed anything was weird until the next morning. That was 4 figures I saved.

The service I used is called Monitis. I pay $15 a month and it lets me monitor several websites including my blog, Voluum, and my landing pages. It checks the websites every minute and if there’s no response, I’ll get an email or a text message. You also have the ability to monitor from different locations around the world.

Get Monitis

6. Where to Hire Virtual Assistants

If you want to take your campaigns to the next level then you’re going to have to hire some help. How can you compete with your 24 hours against a guy like me who has a team of workers?

Outsourcing is how Super Affiliates can get talented workers (cheap too!). You can hire employees from overseas who are just as talented as any American. Because the cost of living is so low overseas, you can get workers for a fraction of the price.

Relevant Article: How I Outsource and Find Virtual Assistants + Making Your First Hire

An easy place to get your feet wet with outsourcing is Fiverr.com

Once you’re ready to hire a part-time or full-time assistant, check out my favorite website oDesk. I like oDesk because of their interface, large database of workers, and their review system.

7. Web Hosting and Content Delivery Network

You need a web host for your landing pages and for your tracker.

Unfortunately not all web hosts are created equal, and a bad web host can cost you money.

Hosting Recommendations

Never use shared hosting.

That’s the cheap $10 a month webhosting service where you will share your server with 100+ other guys. The problem is it’s going to cost you more money in the long run. The speeds will be slow and the website might crash if your neighbor send too much traffic.

I always recommend starting off with a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

My go to recommendation is LiquidWeb (Using this link activates a $100 coupon). I’ve used them for over 6 years and I’ve never had any issues.

Once you start generating sufficient volume then you can upgrade to a dedicated server which runs usually $200+ USD a month. Certain verticals such as mobile and PPV, you must run on a dedicated server because the speed matters more.

My go to source for dedicated servers is WiredTree.

Protip: Get web hosting near where your traffic is coming from. If most of your traffic is coming from Brazil, then get some hosting from a company that has a datacenter in Brazil. This will improve your site loading speed which will also improve your ROI.

Domain Registrations

I mainly use Namecheap to register my website domains. Remember to purchase “whois” protection so competitors don’t find out who your landing pages belong to.

Content Delivery Network

Let’s say my dedicated server is in New York, but I’m sending traffic from all over the world. It’s going to load a little slower for people on the West coast, Europe, Asia, South America, etc.

A CDN puts a copy your files on servers around the world. If they see someone is visiting from Brazil, the person will download the image from Brazil rather than New York.

For CDN I mainly use Rackspace because it’s the fastest and easiest to use.

8. My Computer Gear

Here’s a list of computer equipment I use and why I’ve selected them.

1) 15” Apple MacBook Pro Retina

I’ve been using but Macs since 2009. I’m much more productive on Apple computers, and over half the software I’ve grown to rely on are Mac only.


My main computer is a laptop because of travel.

2) 27” Apple Thunderbolt Display


A bigger screen = productivity. My setup is 1 big 27” monitor as my main display, and I’ll use the Macbook Pro as a 2nd screen.

3) Apple Magic Trackpad


I haven’t used a mouse for years and find a trackpad to be much more productive. The secret is you have to get the JiTouch software.

4) Das Keyboard


I love typing on mechanical keyboards

Here’s a list of productivity software I use for my mac.


9. Make Money Through Email List Building

The typical affiliate marketer sends traffic to a landing page, and earns a one-time commission. You don’t know who the customer is and they’re gone forever.

What if there was a way to get information about that customer, build a relationship with them, and then being able to monetize them for months or even years?

One way of doing this is to collect their email address, and to build a list. No one really does this in affiliate marketing mainly because it’s more work, but it definitely can make money.

I’ve had tremendous success in the past through PPV (TrafficVance, LeadImpact) traffic sources.

My technique was to build a landing page that featured just a form for them to enter their e-mail address. You also need to give them an incentive to opt-in, such as a free eBook.

An example of this be focusing on guys who want to build more muscle.

In PPV you could target URL’s that are bodybuilding focused:

  • fitness blogs
  • supplement companies
  • places to buy supplements
  • exercise websites
  • etc.

From there they get sent to your landing page. It’ll be a page that has an email opt-in box and the bribe I was mentioning earlier.

Once you get their email they are automatically signed up to your autoresponder (I use GetResponse). An autoresponder is a program that lets you send out pre-written emails. For instance, you might have 30+ emails pre-written, and they get sent out every day.

The key is to provide value. You could send them useful information on diet, workout programs, and other advice. This gets them to look forward to opening your emails and trusting you.

Then every few emails you can send out a relevant offer. Muscle pills, Clickbank eBook, training programs, etc. That one email you collected, could end up buying a few products. $$$.

Anyways in order to use this program you need a solid auto-responder.

My recommendation is GetResponse. They have a high rate of deliverability. Also I’m not a technical guy so their forms have always been easy for me to use.

Get GetResponse

10. See Your Landing Pages On Different Browsers and Computers

A major problem with landing pages is they can look completely different from one computer to another. Your website can look completely fine on your Mac and Chrome, but what if the majority of your audience is in Brazil with Windows XP and Internet Explorer 9? You could be losing clicks and conversions because the call to action button is off the screen or even invisible.

This is actually vital if you’re a mobile marketing. How does your mobile landing page look on Android vs iPhone vs Blackberry? I use an Android and don’t have easy access to an iPhone or Blackberry if I wanted to test the pages.

There’s this service I’ve been using the past few months that has been amazing called SauceLabs.

You can see your website on various computers and browsers. The service deploys a cloud computer in seconds that shows your configuration.

Screenshot 2014-04-20 17.44.26

Check out what my website looks like on an iPhone.


I always test out my landing pages in different configurations before I launch any campaign.

My advice is to always test Internet Explorer and Chrome since they have the biggest market shares. sauce-scout2

Sign up for Sauce Labs

Want more?

Check out some reviews of AFFcelerator and see if it’s right for you.

Affiliate marketing tools are essential if you want to become a super affiliate, but you can be selective about which ones you use to keep costs down.