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Interviews: Inside the Mind of Tuan Vy

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I wanna introduce you guys to one of my friends Tuan Vy.

I met him around 2.5 years ago but we hit it off quick and became really good friends (Probably because we’re the only two Vietnamese guys doing it big online)

I pulled him aside in San Diego and we did a massive 45 minute interview.

I ask him some really tough questions including what happened at his old network Smash Revenue.

Tuan’s a good dude and I really wanted people to see his perspective of what happened this year.

You’re in for a real treat with this interview.

Some of the Topics We Cover:

  • Are people still making money in 2016 in adult?
  • Is adult too hard / too saturated now?
  • How Tuan got into starting an affiliate network
  • Some of his golden tips for getting profitable in the adult niche (he gives away some massive value here)
  • How to start partnerships
  • How to balance making money with lifestyle

Tuan is the master at innovation and creating new angles – you can learn a lot from this video. Tuan feels relationships are one of his competitive advantages, so he goes into how he nurtures and grows these.

Watch The Tuan Vy Interview Here

Grab the interview .PDF transcription here

If You Liked This Interview…

About Tuan

Tuan’s been an underground super affiliate for about 7 years, so he’s seen a lot happen. Although he’s been a stealth sort of guy for his first phase of his career, he’s more widely known now. Tuan has branched out from the typical affiliate marketing campaigns into other ventures such as starting affiliate networks and doing partnerships.

Whether it’s bulk media buying, self serve, or a hybrid, Tuan’s done it.

He mainly works in the adult niche as the backbone of his business, but he also operates in other major verticals.

Tuan attends most of the big conferences, so if you see him, take the time to go say hi. He’s a great guy and he loves talking so don’t be shy!

Where to Find More About Tuan

SnapChat: Tuan.Vy

Tuan loves SnapChat almost as much as I do, plus you can send him a snap to say hi. He loves walking and talking so prepare for some life lessons here guys :p


You can catch him on Facebook here


Tuan’s main point of contact is on social media, but you can check out his website here.



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