1. Introduction to Voluum.com
2. Campaign Setup
3. Setting up a Custom Domain name

All campaigns have the trackvoluum.com domain by default.

This is not ideal because some traffic sources have banned that domain.

We’re going to use the domain NgoVoluum.com as an example. The goal is instead of having your links show as


We’re going to have it show as http://track.ngovoluum.com. Doesn’t that look much cleaner?

Step 1 is to buy your domain. To keep it simple, I’m going to use NameCheap.com



Now go to the home screen of namecheap.com.

Click “Account” in the upper right corner and select “Dashboard.”

It will take you to the screen below.

Click “Domain List.”

Click “Manage.”

Domain List

Click “Advanced DNS.”

Namecheap Advanced DNS

This is the screen you should see next.

Namecheap Advanced DNS initial setup

Here’s what you’re going to do.

Delete the “URL Redirect Record.”

Delete URL Redirect

Under “Host,” enter the subdomain you want. I’m choosing “track,” but you can put any word you want there.

Change Host

Find your Voluum CNAME Link.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Domains
  3. I’ve highlighted where the link is.

Insert your Voluum.com CNAME.

Insert Voluum CNAME

Change the TTL to “1 min” (this makes the change update faster) then click the green checkmark.

TTYL Changes


Here’s what a completed setup looks like

Completed Setup DNS

Now lets finish setting this up in Voluum.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Domains
  3. Enter in your Cname which should be “track.yourdomain.com”
  4. Click “OK”

You should see a domain setup is ok!

If you go to the campaign links, you can see all the links now say track.ngovoluum.

Voluum Panel


Congratulations!  You’ve successfully set up a custom domain name for your Voluum tracking.