Split-testing is the heart and soul of any affiliate marketing campaign.

Voluum.com handles split-testing different than other trackers. You need to understand the concept of weight vs percentages. 

Weight:  They are NOT the same as percentages, and don’t have to add up to 100. 


Split-testing Direct Linking vs a Landing Page

Suppose you are promoting a gaming campaign on mobile. You want to know which is better, direct linking to the offer page or using your own landing page.

Protip: Even if the landing page does not perform as well as direct linking, it does not mean landing pages are losers. It means your landing page isn’t good enough. 

Split-testing Two Landing Pages

Protip: It’s important to LABEL the landing pages after what you’re testing. Don’t just call it landing page A and landing page B.

Here’s how I do it:

A: 7/25/14.ImageBlonde
B: 7/25/14.ImageBrunette

The date shows when I started the test. The second part shows what i am testing. In this case, I am testing the main image of the girl. Which one converts better, a blonde or a brunette? 

Split-testing Offers

One of the most important ways to get a profitable campaign.

Suppose we have a dating campaign in the USA. We want to know which offer does the best.