The Traffic Source Doesn’t Suck…You Do

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

Here’s the #1 most annoying mindset I see newbies have in affiliate marketing (according to me getting 150+ questions a day through my email).
They think there’s some “magic” or “secret” traffic source or vertical out there. If all they do is get on the right traffic source, then they’ll all of a sudden be on their way to $10k+ a day.
I had an email chat with someone the other day and he asked for a few traffic source recommendations to start with.
I told him…
Facebook’s great
If you wanna do NativeAds there’s RevContent
He wanted to try Pop Traffic on mobile so I said PopCash
You know what this guy told me? “I tried all of them already, they suck. Do you have any other recommendations?“.
I almost popped a vein in my forehead. I felt like the sergeant in Full Metal Jacket when dealing with new recruits.

That’s the problem right there. He thinks having the right traffic source is a cure-all.
What he doesn’t realize is that he sucks at affiliate marketing.
He’s placing BLAME on the traffic sources as the problem. Instead he should be thinking:
“Well all these guys are making money and profiting…what are they doing that I’m not?”
Imagine this scenario…
There’s a guy trying to lose weight. He asks the personal trainer for a recommendation on a workout routine.
The trainer recommends a few and the client says “I tried them already, they don’t work. Give me another one.”
What’s your immediate thought process? He has a shit mindset.
The workout routine’s only PART of the success. He’s not factoring everything else that matters such as his habits, diet, and sleep.
Let’s tie this back to affiliate marketing.
Listen…the traffic source is only 40% of the battle. Yes it’s important but there’s much, much more involved in getting profitable campaigns.
Super affiliates aren’t on any traffic sources that most of you don’t already know.

There’s More to a Campaign Than Just the Traffic Source

Back to my newbie reader…why did he fail the campaign? I don’t know what he was running but here are some questions he should be asking himself:

  1. Are you targeting the campaign properly? On Facebook this would mean the right demographic / interest targeting. For many traffic sources it’s the site placements.
  2. What’s the STORY that your data’s telling you? What time or day of the week is performing best?
  3. Have you tested your angles?
  4. What’s your bidding like? Did you start high or low? How are you adjusting it?
  5. What improvements have you made to the landing page? Have you added in conversion boosters?
  6. Have you tested all the offers available in that vertical/GEO?
  7. What advantage do you have over the other 100+ affiliates promoting the same offer?
  8. How are your ads? Are they relevant? Are you getting a high click-through rate?
  9. Are you targeting the best GEOs? Have you split tested GEOs to make sure?
  10. Are you using the right scripts & technology to maximize conversion rates?

Me and my team analyze 100+ fucking data points when we’re analyzing a campaign.
To have someone launch a campaign and say it doesn’t work is ridiculous.
You know what makes someone a great affiliate? Take away the top 5 traffic sources that they’re on. They’ll still be able to make money because they have strong fundamentals.

It’s Okay to Suck at affiliate Marketing

I completely understand what he was going through. As a newbie it’s easy to have magic-bullet syndrome. Everyone has it to some degree, otherwise supplements and pills wouldn’t be a billion-dollar industry.
If only you knew the right traffic source you’ll make money..
If only you knew how to cloak, you can buy that supercar..
It’s not as simple as that.
What you’ll find in affiliate marketing is the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. There’s always more to learn and it’s not just “one simple change” you make to improve your campaigns.
The key is to have the right mindset and approach.
If OTHER people are killing it on the traffic source / vertical, you have to think “What are they doing that I’m not?” Don’t get frustrated, don’t get emotional.
Gather data and run tests.
And the #1 most important thing?
If you wanna improve then JUST KEEP LAUNCHING.
Don’t be what I call an “affiliate groupie.”
What’s an affiliate groupie?
1. You’re a part of 25+ Facebook affiliate groups.
2. You’re in 5+ “Skype masterminds” where no one talks or shares information. You’re crossing your fingers everyday hoping someone drops a gem.
3. You read forums / blogs religiously and follow everyone’s social media profile, and spend more time reading and “learning” than you do on actual marketing.
4. You spend $200+ a month on spy tools.
You do all this BUT you’re not actively launching campaigns. These are the guys who read and talk more about affiliate marketing than actually doing it.
Nothing works unless you do. Get your priorities straight…action first.
If you wanna improve faster then I do have a mentoring program available at The Super Affiliate Intensive.
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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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